Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A writer's welcome!

I am a writer, and as such, an assumption that I would like to write should seem obvious. While I certainly do like to write and often find myself with more ideas than time to set them down, my experience tells me that for some writers, that isn't always the case. The writing landscape is populated by so-called writers who write sparsely, at best. Some go so far as to have a blog, but post so infrequently as to make visits for new content a waste of valuable time.

As someone who has embraced blogging with a vengeance, I hope you'll find visits here worth your while. First, however, let me lay out some ground rules.

Because I have another primary blog, Words Matter, which is where I write about politics, culture, sports, and whatever else tickles my fancy, I won't be posting here daily. I would suggest that you check this space weekly, as that is my plan and schedule for writing, right now. I'm sure I'll post more frequently than that at times, but as a barometer, weekly sounds about right.

Having said that, I'll try to keep the content here germane to my writing. That might take the form of articles I've freelanced to publications, an op ed I've written, details about an upcoming book project at RiverVision Press, or highlighting other Maine writers worthy of mention. I'll also occasionally post information and stories that relate to life in the Pine Tree State.

I hope you find this feature an interesting addition to the other content at the website.


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