Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Writers that inspire

The blogging has been sparse, particularly at this site. I’ve tried to keep the focus of this blog on writing and the associations that pertain to its craft. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve gone back into the fulltime workforce, which is actually proving to be a positive thing—obviously having a regular paycheck is a good thing—but I also find my creativity seems to have taken an upturn. Not only am I actively pursuing new ideas for writing, I’ve also gotten out my guitar and have been playing the past couple of evenings—when you open up the creativity spout, look out!

One of my favorite non-fiction writers, particularly for his insights on writing and living an authentic life, is Po Bronson. For me, he has a very “real” grasp on writing and removes the sentimentality and romance from something that is as much about hard work as it is about epiphanies and creative bolts hitting you from on high.

I’ve read several of his books, including the excellent, What Should I Do With My Life?, which helped me put my need to write in the proper focus and helped me to have the courage and will to begin freelancing and eventually, write a book of my own. I continue to find Bronson’s insights and reality-checks helpful as I move forward with my writing and begin working on a new idea for a book that I hope to have out at some point in 2007.

I’m somewhat disappointed by having to shelve, or at least put on the back burner, my non-fiction anthology that I had hopes of releasing this fall. While the decision to pull the plug, or at least delay the release was tough—I had to contact several very good writers, telling them I had decided not to publish my anthology, after actively promoting it to Maine’s non-fiction writing community—I realize now, about six weeks after making my decision that it was the right one.

I find that I’m excited again about the prospect of a new idea for a book and actually, the possibility might be there, in the context of my new vision for a book, to actually include some of the better submissions I received for the anthology, if the writers are willing to give me another shot.

Writing has been both frustrating and rewarding, often at the same time. However, I remain committed to my craft—refining it, developing new skills and perfecting the ones I have—all with an eye towards seeing what new ways I can define progress and even success in what I love to do.



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