Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On being prolific

Why are some writers much more productive than others? Geoff Nicholson weighs in on the subject in the New York Times Sunday Book Review, including some interesting examples from the literary world.

Nicholson has churned out 22 books in the past 20 years, but even he admits that pales compared to PG Wodehouse (100 in 75), John Updike (60 books in 50), and Joyce Carol Oates (100 in 45), resulting in the late Updike making reference to her “astounding productivity,” and suggested she was born a hundred years too late and “needs a lustier audience” of “Victorian word eaters.”

I can't claim anything approaching these writer's ability to crank out words in a prolific fashion, as my book production has been a mere two books in the last four years. Does maintaining multiple blogs count? Obviously, if you look at my time stamp on this post, you'll see that I obviously have insomnia that only a blog post can assuage.

You can read the rest of Nicholson's worthwhile article here.



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