Friday, June 26, 2009

Jesting infinitely (all summer)

I've accepted the challenge--I've begun reading Infinite Jest (finally) because of two occurrances: 1) my son sent me a belated Father's Day package including DFW's novel, a hefty tome that one writer described as "a doorstop novel." 2) I discovered (ironically, the day my package arrived containing IJ) that an entire group of people that still consider reading important have decided to do so.

I'm joining in and I'm going along for the ride.

More to come on this summer reading project.

Back to my use of "finally."

When DFW committed suicide, like many others, I was shocked, horrified, and ultimately deeply troubled and saddened. I wrote about it.

At that point, I determined to read IJ, "finally," but to my dismay, I couldn't score a copy for an upcoming long weekend (every store and online resource was "out of stock"). When I returned, I made several more attempts and forgot about reading it.

I'm 63 pages in and I'm as confused, exhilarated, awed, and frustrated as many others who've taken the plunge.



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