Thursday, February 23, 2006

A writer's resource

If you are ever bored and would like to bone up on your knowledge of Maine writers, then head on over to the Waterboro Public Library’s website. Here, you’ll find a cornucopia of writers, accompanied by brief profiles, representative of Maine’s diverse writing talent. Of course, there are the famous ones, but fame and book sales aren’t the governing criteria. Molly Williams, who maintains the site, is always on the lookout for members of the state’s community of wordsmiths. Even relative unknowns are included if you take the time to send information Williams’ way.

This is a valuable undertaking and helpful database and one that I’m sure takes time to update and maintain. I know I’ve found it helpful in gaining a better understanding of the breadth of the writing talent that currently resides in our state, while also gaining an appreciation for those who have come before.

Maine has a wealth of writing talent and natives would do well to read some of their works. Many of the state’s writers have releases that stand up quite well alongside books written by writers who reside elsewhere. Make a point to read some local fiction or non-fiction on a trip to your nearest branch of the public library.


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