Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A step-by-step approach to success

I became a publisher, more by default, than any overarching desire to own and operate a small press. With a story that I thought was important and a year’s worth of research in the can, I had come to a place where it was publish it myself, or be just another writer with a manuscript squirreled away in my desk drawer.

RiverVision Press, while born of necessity, has moved beyond being a one-trick pony and has been ramping up production for its follow-up offering to the award-winning, When Towns Had Teams. While our operation is more-or-less a one person show, we have a highly-skilled and diverse support team providing necessary services that are beyond my range of skills. Because of this special ancillary team, I’m very optimistic about the possibilities as we approach our second year in business.

One of the things that I was determined to provide as a publisher was support for new writers, who, like me, had a worthwhile manuscript, but few options for getting it to market. At first, that vision seemed a bit presumptuous, but as I become more comfortable in my role as a publisher, I am certain that in another year, or two, we’ll have a catalog that is diverse and fills an important niche in the Pine Tree State.

I’m really excited about our second offering, a wonderful book, called I Love Today—Musings From New England. Buxton-based writer, Tom Moore, sent me the manuscript a year ago. At first, it just sat there, along with a handful of others. The others were not worth the effort it takes to get a book to market. Once I took the time to read through Tom's however, I knew I had my second title.

Comprised of a series of daily vignettes, I Love Today captures Maine’s special character. Whether focusing on events like the magic of parenthood, or the experience of a Maine Fourth of July celebration, Moore’s talent, humor and eye for detail shine through his work.

While Tom doesn’t necessarily break new ground by writing about what most of us already know, he has a penchant for skillfully and humorously getting inside many of the day-to-day and even mundane experiences of life. In doing so, he gives his readers a positive, uplifting and affirming look at life in one of our nation’s truly special regions.

RiverVision has set a June release date for the book and we are eager to have the chance to get Tom and his book out and about in Maine and maybe beyond. We’ll be making an announcement in the spring about our special launch that we’ve planned for the book. Additionally, we’ve just started having conversations with another talented Maine writer about another intriguing manuscript that is still without a home. While we’re in the formative stages of talks, it looks hopeful that RiverVision will have yet another title to add this fall, to its ever burgeoning list of quality books about Maine.

Keep an eye on the RiverVision Press website for upcoming details and announcements about Maine’s unique small press.



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