Sunday, June 24, 2007

RiverVision launches its latest title

[T.W. Moore greets the crowd and talks about the new book]

[Reading from I Love Today—Musings From New England]

[Moore with his family]

[Chatting with folks between signing books]

Last night, RiverVision Press held its official book launch event for T.W. Moore’s, I Love Today—Musings From New England.

Deciding that we wanted to hold our coming out event in Lewiston, where we are based, we partnered with a great local bookseller, Laurie St. Pierre and held it at Percy's Burrow, her delightful store in the Lewiston Mall. Laurie is a gracious host and had prepared punch, cookies and nuts to go along the wine and cheese that we brought for those who came to hear Moore talk about the new book.

Small press publishing is fraught with challenges, none more pressing than being able to get the word out about the work and the books that you produce. One of the best ways to get your name out into the highways and byways is the old-fashioned way—meeting people one on one and talking to them about your goals, mission as a publisher and most important—telling them about your books.

Having been through my own experience with When Towns Had Teams, I know how important it is to be willing to travel around and talk about your book. I’ve found that people like to know how you came up with the ideas that make up your finished product and people enjoy hearing the “story behind the story.”

Being a new publisher, I’m always looking to learn from those publishers that have been doing it for awhile and have a solid track record. One of the key things that most experienced publishers say about promoting books is that you need to have authors that are willing to go out and promote their own book.

T.W. Moore (Tom to his friends) is going to be that kind of author. He came across as folksy, informative and told some great stories about how he came to write the essays that ultimately became I Love Today—Musings From New England, during our book launch event.

Afterwards, Tom told me he was nervous and that fact was verified by his wife, LuAnn. However, none of us listening to him read and enthrall the crowd in attendance picked up on that. It looked like Tom had been doing this for his entire life.

After spending two hours plus, reading, signing books and chatting with those who came out, it was off to the RiverVision Press compound, for a lively after-party to celebrate the new book and two years of publishing success.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your publishing company sounds pretty cool. Are you still doing other author's books?

It seemed like a nice thing to do for your author.

7:37 AM  

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