Friday, April 24, 2009


So, how do I like Los Angeles? Well, other than the over-emphasis on cars, clothes, and the cosmetic surgery, Angelinos seem like a nice group of people. Just don't cut them off in traffic, or follow too close, as apparently they've not discovered their directionals, yet.

Actually, I spent last night with a bunch of transplanted New Englanders at Sonny McLean's, watching the Celtics pound the Bulls. It was nice to find a place where Boston sports rule, and in LA that would be Sonny McLean's Irish Pub.

Real folks, real food (no arugala, here), and Boston beer (I had my first Sam Adams Summer Ale of the season), and the Celtics had the place rocking.

I'm headed up to Silver Lake later this morning to spend time with the hipsters, and the other artsy types that make Silver Lake and Echo Park home. Given my current book project, related to religion gone afoul, I'm hoping to visit the Angelus Temple, where Aimee Semple McPherson once worked her magic, and duped thousands with the gospel according to Aimee. Actually, today's megachurch stars, like Rick Warren, owe a huge debt to Sister Aimee, because without her, there would be no Saddleback Church.

Tomorrow is book day, at the Festival of Books.



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