Monday, September 10, 2007

Book machine

Fellow small press publisher and all-around great guy, Ari Meil, is announcing a unique project from his own venture, Warren Machine Company.

Meil is launching a new line of locally written, printed, and published books. They are looking for fiction or creative non-fiction 7000-12,000 words(+/-). Each piece that is accepted will be published individually in a short run of uniquely signed and numbered books.

According to Meil's email I received, the purpose of this unique venture is three fold.

Writes Meil, "First, it is meant to break down some of the barriers for writers to get into the market. The stakes are lower than other publishing ventures, because the scope is small, and the print run short, so we will take greater risks, and publish things that might otherwise not be published. Second, it is meant to equalize the relationship of the writer, publisher, and bookstore. We will profit share equally with each party,meaning that no one benefits any more than anyone else from sales. And we will look for sponsorship for each book by a company or individual, adding a community building aspect, that will also equal greater profits for the artists and art related businesses involved. And third, we are very interested in the idea of books as art, and making small runs of books that are personally numbered and signed by the author, without any more to be made available, we make each book more precious, like a limited edition print. "

Submissions can be sent via email to; please indicate "submission from" in the subject line.

Here's a great chance for new writers to have their work brought to the market by a publisher that values writers and the difficulties inherent in getting published.