Saturday, February 02, 2008

Updates from RiverVision Press

Posts at Write in Maine have been few and far between. That doesn't mean that RiverVision Press hasn't been busy. Actually, we've been busier than ever, most of it behind the curtain, however.

First, RiverVision is no longer accepting submissions of new manuscripts for publication. There are several reasons for this, the major one being, I am actively engaged in a book project of my own. It's been over two years since When Towns Had Teams was visited on the community of books written about the great state of Maine. Looking back, I'm very gratified by the sales, the award (2006 IPPY for best regional non-fiction) validating the project and continued interest in the subject.

Once again, after clearing the deck of projects and allowing the dust to settle from our venture into publishing other writer's books, I knew it was time to get back to doing what drove me to start RiverVision in the first place--to publish my own ideas about Maine and bring them to market.

The new book will be tied closely to my experiences growing up in Lisbon Falls. Additionally, Moxie, the uniquely original soft drink and star of the town's annual festival, will be making a cameo in the book. Without revealing too much about the book at this time, I will tell you that it will be titled, Moxie Town.

Over the next couple of months, I will begin posting pre-release snippets of chapters over at a new blog that I've begun to focus exclusively on my writing and the release of Moxie Town. There are a couple of posts up at Words at Work, including a recent essay I wrote about winter in Maine. Look for much of to be migrating over to that location and eventually, we'll shift all that content to my own domain. This blog will disappear, although I'll probably archive the best of the content, particularly my thoughts on publishing.

Stay tuned for news and announcements from RiverVision Press.