Sunday, November 23, 2008

So what's next on the book front?

With two books to my credit, and some independent publishing success (at least in terms of national recognition for book #1), my choice of book topic #3 is a key one. Do I continue with my Maine-based book theme, or is it time to break out of the regional ghetto and tackle a theme with national resonance?

While I can't complain about what I've been able to do in terms of establishing a small press (RiverVision) beachhead, and proving to myself that I was up to the task of setting writing/publishing targets and actually hitting them (rather than merely talking about them), at the same time, my ambitions are set slightly higher.

The release of Moxietown was fun, and somewhat unexpected. I had originally intended to come out with another book like When Towns Had Teams, in terms of length, and focus, this one being on my hometown of Lisbon Falls. Instead, Moxie, the drink, took me in a different direction, and I couldn't pass up the chance to get out something shorter, in order to capitalize on Lisbon's Moxie Festival, and the chance to intersect with fans of the drink descending on the town, in July.

The toughest aspect of independently releasing my own books, is the amount of effort that's required when you are forced to wear the multiple hats that are necessary to make it work.

That's where I'm at the tail end of 2008. I want to get moving forward on a couple of ideas. At the same time, I'm not eager to plunge into the 14-16 hour days that I logged from January to June, bringing Moxietown to the market.

2009 will find me working on another book project. I'm just not sure it will be another small press effort via RiverVision Press.